Introduce improvement actions quicker

Actions to optimize process and product quality are continuously defined in cooperation with your customers. A typical example of this are customer audits that are only fulfilled under specific conditions. You can support SupplyOn Action Management by providing clear assignment and management of defined actions.

You can exchange information regarding actions, responsibilities, appointments and the associated data with your customers over a central, joint platform. This considerably reduces the effort associated with implementing improvement initiatives.

Action Management through SupplyOn works like this

You will be sent an email in SupplyOn informing you as soon as your customer creates an action plan for your organization. As a registered user, you simply log on to the SupplyOn platform. You have the possibility there of defining the steps required to implement the action plans as well as specifying the persons responsible and deadlines.

All persons responsible in your organization will be automatically informed about the allocation of a task by email. Both you and your customer have the same view of the actions, the attachments as well as the current stage of the process.

You can attach as many templates for action plans are you like. These templates perfectly represent your individual requirements and business processes – both internally as well as with your customer. This facilitates and accelerates working with SupplyOn Action Management.

Your benefits

  • You increase your process and product quality by processing and quickly introducing improvement actions in a structured and transparent way, involving all those concerned.
  • You reduce your manual effort by introducing improvement actions, as these are processed on a central platform.
  • Fast implementation of the improvement actions allows you to increase customer satisfaction.