Efficient, consistent logistics and financial processes with your customers

Increasing time and cost pressure mean that all processes between business partners have to be efficient and transparent – which simply isn’t possible using fax, e-mail and Excel lists. This is where SupplyOn comes in: the web platform allows highly efficient handling of logistics and financial processes. This accelerates the exchange of data with your customers, making it transparent and traceable, as well as significantly reducing administrative effort and expense on both sides.

The following SCM processes are covered:

  • Delivery instruction, purchase order, order confirmation
  • Delivery and transport data
  • Stock movements
  • Invoice, credit note, notification of payment

Your benefits

  • You accelerate communication with your customers, reducing administrative effort and expense on both sides
  • The exchange of data with your customers is more secure and reliable, with no media discontinuities
  • You avoid error-prone manual data input

Connection options

Depending on transaction frequency and your IT landscape, you can decide if you would like to transfer data using the SupplyOn web interface or by integrating EDI directly in your internal systems.


Connection via Internet browserConnection via EDI
All you need is a computer or tablet, a browser and Internet access. As a registered user, you simply log on to the SupplyOn platform. You conveniently receive your customers’ EDI messages as a web form provided by SupplyOn. Not only can you have the EDI data displayed in the browser, you can also download it as a file in CSV format for further internal processing. Likewise, you can send the data back via the browser or upload it – you customer receives it as an EDI message.From SupplyOn you receive – once only – an EDIFACT format description for your customer’s business processes.  You implement this as a mapping in your internal IT system. Here you can choose between two communication channels: you can either exchange messages via OFTP2 or else via AS2 using a secure Internet connection.  No additional time-consuming connection processes are needed to communicate with other customers via SupplyOn: you have just one communication link instead of multiple links to other customers.

Options for exchanging invoices via SupplyOn (e-invoicing)

You can compile and submit invoices as well as other financial documents such as credit notes via the online platform. In order to do this, your customer must have enabled this function and the documents have to meet certain requirements in terms of form and content. SupplyOn supports a range of different formats (e.g. CSV, EDI, XML, PDF) and connection facilities for the process. Or else you use a third-party provider such as Basware, Cegedim or Generix to convert our PDF into an EDI message.