Document Management

Always up-to-date through standardized document management

You must know your customers’ requirements if you are to handle orders to their full satisfaction. When requirements change, you must be notified quickly and reliably in order to prevent costly delays in the process chain. SupplyOn Document Management provides clear information and ensures that you are always up-to-date. It is a platform for managing customer documents in a structured and standardized way and simplifies updating of relevant factory standards and regulations.

Document Management has generated substantial gains in efficiency for ourselves and for our customers. What’s more, automatic notification of updates and access to standards and regulations, regardless of time and place, are prerequisites for implementing integrated information management.

Bernd Osowski, Deputy Head of Design, Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH

How document management via SupplyOn works

As a registered user, simply login to the SupplyOn online platform. SupplyOn Document Management puts current customer documents, such as factory standards and drawings, at your disposal online. Several search functions help you find documents quickly and reliably. If changes are made to a document, you are notified automatically by e-mail. Current versions of documents can be viewed in the system immediately. Document history gives you an overview of all changes and additions that have been made over time.

You can manage various types of documents:

  • Design drawings
  • Parts lists
  • Specifications
  • Factory standards
  • etc.

The benefits for you

  • You have access to all relevant customer documents at all times.
  • You are notified of changes by e-mail and can then retrieve the updated document immediately.
  • All customer documents are available in electronic form, thus ensuring high quality and trouble-free data forwarding.