Performance Monitor

Identifying and utilizing improvement potential

To score with customers by high quality products in the long term and above-average delivery punctuality, it is essential that you identify improvement potential as early as possible and to exploit this potential to the full. SupplyOn Performance Monitor automates and standardizes the way in which assessment data is communicated. You are thus always aware of exactly how your customer rates your performance. Systematic assessment helps you implement efficient quality management and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

This tool lets our suppliers identify problem areas early on and quickly initiate countermeasures. This results in substantial process improvements. We have noted that our suppliers regularly use Performance Monitor because they see it as a means of boosting their competitiveness.

Jürgen Oberle, Head of Business Process Quality Management, Continental Automotive Systems

How the Performance Monitor works

As a registered user, simply login to the SupplyOn online platform to access the information. The SupplyOn Performance Monitor displays key figures such as product quality and delivery reliability. You obtain a differentiated picture of how your performance is assessed overall by your customers. You can retrieve current assessment data from various customers at any time in a standard format and analyze it in a number of ways. The consolidated assessment provides transparency about your actual quality status with your customers. Confidentiality is fully guaranteed. Only you and the company who submitted the specific assessment have access to the assessment data.

Performance Monitor features a variety of analysis options:

  • The options for reducing and detailing data, from group to department level, help to quickly identify possible weak points at an early stage.
  • The graphical presentation of historical information illustrates the development of your past performance.

The benefits for you

  • Regular customer feedback allows you to improve your services in a targeted manner and therefore increase customer satisfaction.
  • A range of analytical functions simplify interpretation of the assessment data.
  • Use of this efficient, transparent management tool enhances your competitiveness.

Social Collaboration in the SupplyOn Performance Monitor

The Social Collaboration function lets you communicate about from with your customer regarding a specific transaction directly from the SupplyOn Performance Monitor. The benefit of this: communication takes place in a manner which is directly linked to the case concerned – rather than via the inboxes of individual persons. The entire communication is therefore documented in a comprehensive manner and all those involved have access to the same information.

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