Handling complaints quickly and transparently

Processing customer complaints is an extremely critical process, which calls for a structured and transparent approach. This is where SupplyOn Problem Solver can help. The solution is based on the 8D process, which is now established as a structured procedure for solving and preventing errors. Problems can be eliminated efficiently and permanently. You prevent the recurrence of errors, reduce quality costs and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

What is the 8D process?

The standardized 8D process comprises eight complaint handling steps that are documented in one 8D report:

1. Formation of team
2. Problem description
3. Immediate damage limitation measures
4. Determination of cause (with requirements analysis using Ishikawa, 5-Why)
5. Definition of measures to eliminate cause and resolve problem
6. Implementation and monitoring of measures
7. Definition of measures for sustained quality improvement (if needed with drill wide analysis)
8. Final report

How the 8D process via SupplyOn works

You are informed by e-mail when a customer sends you a complaint via the SupplyOn Problem Solver. As a registered user, simply login to the SupplyOn online platform. You then handle the complaint online* in Problem Solver using the 8 steps described, upload all of the necessary documents, and send them back to your customer. Throughout the entire process both you and your customer have the same view of documents and current processing status. All information is structured and exchanged and documented in a way that is visible to all involved. You can download an overview of all complaints in Excel format – as you need it, either with predefined, standard analyses or for your own processing.

The benefits for you

  • The electronic process with SupplyOn guarantees that you are notified immediately of a new complaint and do not lose any time.
  • Automatic e-mail reminders serve to assist you with the implementation of measures in a timely manner.
  • You avoid repetitive errors, improve your product quality, and profit from higher customer satisfaction.

Social Collaboration in the SupplyOn Problem Solver

The Social Collaboration function lets you communicate about inquiries from your customer regarding a specific transaction directly from the SupplyOn Problem Solver. The benefit of this: communication takes place in a manner which is directly linked to the case concerned – rather than via the inboxes of individual persons. The entire communication is therefore documented in a comprehensive manner and all those involved have access to the same information. Learn more about SupplyOn Social Collaboration

* Straightforward integration with the supplier interface for Problem Solver

We offer a standard interface for internal quality systems for suppliers who have to handle very frequent complaints from their customers. Via the interface, all complaints are automatically transferred from the Problem Solver to the suppliers’ own CAQ software and the 8D reports produced internally are in turn automatically fed back into the Problem Solver and thereby to the customer. Please contact us if you are interested: E-mail