Project Management

Shorter development times and lower costs

Joint development projects involved several companies require a structured organization, transparent project planning, and systematic tracking of schedules and milestones. A common view of the course of the project can only be generated and access to all relevant documents ensured if all development partners are working in one central system. SupplyOn Project Management enables this common view and supports efficient advance quality planning based on the APQP method.

We expect this system to support much leaner and much more efficient communication in the development phase. The solutions from SupplyOn enable us to further optimize quality management together with our suppliers and put us in a position to better meet the needs of our customers.

Jürgen Oberle, Head of Business Process Quality Management, Continental Automotive Systems

What is APQP?

APQP – Advanced Product Quality Planning – is a near-equivalent of Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) and is a platform for preventing potential errors and for continuous improvement. The structured method guarantees continuous project management for product and quality planning which is suitable for all phases of the development process. The goal is to establish a uniform, product-related documentation structure that gives manufacturers the necessary transparency with regard to manufacturing activities.

How SupplyOn Project Management works

As a registered user, simply login to the SupplyOn online platform. With SupplyOn Project Management, you have anytime access to the current project plan that you are working on with your customer. Any change, for example to deadlines, responsibilities or a status, is immediately visible to all parties involved. You can upload documents and results on specific milestones and make these available to all those involved.

Your forthcoming tasks and processing status are always displayed in real-time. Deadlines are monitored by traffic light functions and you are automatically informed by e-mail accordingly. Status reports keep development partners informed about progress of the project at all times.

The benefits for you

  • Administrative overhead is reduced and the development team is able to concentrate fully on technical matters.
  • Escalations and deadline monitoring are automated.
  • Expensive project delays are identified in advance so that they can be prevented.
  • Standardized, documented communication generates maximum visibility in development projects.