Vendor Managed Inventory

Optimal production planning with high supply reliability

In order to optimally plan your production and ensure reliable supply, you need up-to-date information regarding your customer’s actual demands. With the supplier-driven Vendor Managed Inventory Process (VMI), you as the supplier assumes responsibility for customer warehouse planning. The SupplyOn platform gives you online access to your customer’s stock situation and requirement planning. You can then optimize your own production planning and prevent supply shortages – and lower your costs at the same time.

Whereas classical delivery instructions provide us with information on dates and quantities only, the VMI approach means that we are aware of our customers’ actual stock situation and are able to react to critical developments at an early stage. Our production and delivery process is forward-looking and cost-effective. And our customers benefit from high reliability of supply.

Petra Kaiser, General Manager, Franz Wolf GmbH

How SupplyOn VMI works

As a registered user, simply login to the SupplyOn online platform. SupplyOn VMI lets you view the stock on hand and requirements planning of your customers. You then independently maintain warehouse stock levels within agreed minimum and maximum limits. You are also alerted automatically by e-mail if stock levels risk exceeding or falling below defined limits.

The inventory situation can be visualized for any period into the future to permit timely identification of potentially critical situations. You can also simulate scheduled deliveries to see how current stock in hand changes as a result of newly entered quantities.

The benefits for you

  • You can plan production optimally and better utilize your production capacities.
  • You receive advance warning of possible shortages – thus preventing panic ordering and costly emergency shipments.
  • Reliable information enables you to act in a consumption-oriented way instead of using delivery instructions.