Optimize your logistics and financial processes

Increasing time and cost pressure call for faster, more efficient communication processes between business partners. These processes cannot be adequately managed by fax, Excel and e-mail. SupplyOn WebEDI lets you optimize your logistics and financial processes by giving you a transparent and secure exchange of information with your customers – from delivery instructions through to payment – via our online platform.

Our customers expect ever increasing flexibility in terms of production volumes and delivery times. Communication via a web-based platform like SupplyOn is essential to keep processes manageable in the face of growing complexity.

Dr. Peter Nebiker, Vice President, CEDES AG

How SupplyOn Web EDI works

All you need is a PC with a browser and Internet access to exchange EDI messages quickly and easily via the Internet. As a registered user, simply login to the SupplyOn online platform. Your customer’s EDI messages are provided by SupplyOn in a web form that you can conveniently access via the Internet. The WebEDI data is not only displayed in the browser, suppliers can also download them as a file for further processing in internal systems (optionally: as CSV or VDA 4905 format). You can also upload files in order to send them as an EDI message to your customers via SupplyOn – without having to invest in an expensive EDI infrastructure.

SupplyOn allows you to efficiently handle the following logistics and financial processes:

  • Requirements processes: Delivery instruction, call-off, purchase order, devparts order, requirements reminders
  • Delivery and transport data
  • Stock movements
  • Finances: Credit notes, invoice (also with digital signature), reappraisal, settlement, notification of payment

The benefits for you

  • You speed up your communication processes and reduce administrative overhead.
  • Data exchange is more secure and more reliable without media disruption.
  • You thereby avoid error-prone manual data entry.