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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for PDF Invoice Mapping (TCI 1.0)

§ 1 General information

(1) SupplyOn AG (hereinafter referred to as “SupplyOn”) offers services in its Online Shop and Platform on the Internet ( exclusively for business partners.

(2) Definition of Terms

a. “Contractual Partnerrefers to the party ordering the services as described hereinafter from SupplyOn.
b. “Your Customer” refers to any business partner to whom the Contractual Partner offers products or services and wishes to exchange business data.

(3) Precondition for the usage of SupplyOn PDF Invoice Service is a SupplyOn AirSupply or SCM (WebEDI) Connect to Your Customer.

(4) A monthly volume of at least 50 invoices is required, processed by the Contractual Partner via PDF Invoice Mapping, once fully in use.

(5) The PDF Mapping Service is provided by a third-party provider. Should this service no longer be offered by the third party provider or by SupplyOn, the supplier must migrate to a different third-party provider or SupplyOn may cancel the service. The supplier must migrate to a different channel at his own expense.

(6) With the order, the Contractual Partner agrees to the communication of the status to Your Customer mentioned.

§ 2 Service specific terms

(1) The PDF invoice data extraction and mapping is based on following documents

a. PDF Invoice Mapping Guide (includes customer requirements and Contractual Partner invoice mapping instruction)
b. PDF sample invoices

(2) Simple conversions

Included in the mapping process are simple conversions of values contained in the Contractual  Partner’s PDF invoice to corresponding values required for creating the invoice based on the Contractual Partner’s definitions. (e.g. Price base: E -> 1, C -> 100, M -> 1000).

(3) Enrichment

For values required, but not included, in the Contractual Partner’s PDF invoice, the Contractual Partner may define up to three enhancements for fixed values. (e.g. Invoice Content = „Production Material“).

(4) Other types of enrichments or additional mapping logic are generally not supported.

(5) For eInvoicing and usage of pdf invoice mapping, the following Terms and Conditions apply:

§ 3 Fulfillment and Delivery

(1) All offered services contain a set of defined basic services (activities) in different variations

a. Quality gate for checking the completeness of the PDF Invoice Mapping Guide and PDF sample invoices provided. This includes services providing answers to questions about the requirements.
b. One-time creation or one-time update of PDF invoice layout data extraction and mapping to SupplyOn internal invoice format based on the filled out PDF Invoice Mapping Guide (typically within 7 working days after order and quality gate approval)
c. Testing of mapping is based on provided PDF sample invoices (typically within 7 working days after mapping conclusion)
d. Documentation

(2) Service language: English, French or German

(3) Results and information are exchanged via e-mail, ticket system or phone.

(4) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, SupplyOn shall provide services at the premises of SupplyOn or its service providers.

§ 4 Invoice and Payment Conditions

(1) If SupplyOn accepts the order, the total sum shall be invoiced after delivery of service(s), i.e. activation of mapping, at the latest two month after acceptance of the order. Payment is due within 30 days.

(2) All mentioned prices are net prices and will be invoiced plus VAT (where applicable).

(3) If SupplyOn is unable to complete the service for reasons other than SupplyOn’s fault, 100% of the one-time fees shall be charged, provided the service has been started.

§ 5 Obligations of the Contractual Partner

(1) Provision of completely filled out PDF Invoice Mapping Guide per PDF invoice layout prior to service start.

(2) Provision of at least 5 representative PDF sample invoices for relevant use cases, e.g. different countries or currencies, as explained in the documentation prior to service start.