AirSupply from SupplyOn connects Airbus with all its suppliers of “flying material”

May 2, 2012 · reading time < 2 Min.

AirSupply, the new industry platform, ensures optimum collaboration along the European aerospace industry's entire supply chain

Airbus, Europe's leading aircraft manufacturer, is deploying the AirSupply solution from SupplyOn to handle SCM processes with all its production material suppliers. Pilot testing was completed at the end of February 2012, and is now being followed by the connection of some 700 Airbus suppliers. This will be completed by the beginning of 2013.

SupplyOn, the leading platform for cross-company collaboration in the manufacturing industry, worked closely with Airbus to develop the AirSupply industry solution. In cooperation with BoostAeroSpace, the solution will be made available to the entire European aerospace industry in order to optimize collaborative ordering and supply processes. In addition to the activities at Airbus, the next few months will also see successive deployment of AirSupply at EADS's Eurocopter and Astrium divisions, and at other aerospace companies such as Aircelle.

The suppliers to Airbus will in future also be using AirSupply to enhance collaboration with their own suppliers. This end-to-end data flow over several levels of the supply chain will bring greater stability to SCM processes at Airbus by permitting early identification and elimination of any bottlenecks. Airbus will also benefit from this new state-of-the art solution in terms of higher performance and availability.

The AirSupply solution provides optimum support for the collaborative SCM processes between customers and suppliers typically found in the aerospace industry. Individually configurable notification and filter functions make for efficient, exception-based methods of working. The solution supports foresighted capacity planning, interactive fine tuning of delivery quantities and delivery dates, order and delivery status tracking, as well as the consumption-controlled logistics concept Vendor Managed Inventory.

The complex nature of the collaboration processes involved in coordinating delivery volumes and dates requires the use of the web-based technology integrated in AirSupply's web front-end. Where there are direct data connections using EDI, collaboration results are subsequently transferred back to the supplier's internal ERP system. In the case of a web connection, the supplier can upload and download the relevant data.