Fast and Simple Handling of Requests for Quotations

September 14, 2009 · reading time < 3 Min.

SupplyOn Launches Completely New Sourcing Solution

SupplyOn is launching a completely new sourcing solution that allows requests for quotations to be created easily in the shortest possible time. In contrast to other sourcing tools, the new solution makes functions of Excel - which, according to surveys, is the most popular software among purchasing departments -  available online, thus ranking among the fastest and easiest sourcing solutions on the market.

"We have found that many sourcing solutions are too complex and are not used widely enough after being introduced in a company. Many buyers switch to e-mails in order to send their requests, however, in doing so, have to put up with disadvantages like insufficient data security or time-consuming analyses of the incoming quotations," explains Markus Quicken, Chairman of the Executive Board of SupplyOn AG. "SupplyOn is the only supplier that consistently takes into account the needs of the buyer and has developed a solution that can be easily used without additional training."

The new sourcing solution supports requests both in the project as well as in serial buying. For the first time, suppliers that are not registered with SupplyOn can also be integrated into the request for quotation. This allows SupplyOn to implement a continuous electronic process, thus eliminating parallel processes per e-mail.

Using specific templates for requests for quotations and analyses, SupplyOn supports the introduction of company-wide standardized buying processes. The templates are created centrally and can be used by all employees within the organization worldwide. At the same time, it also supports numerous scenarios for achieving the best possible sourcing prices, such as price and quantity scales.

While a request is in process, SupplyOn assists both the buyer as well as the supplier with e-mail notifications concerning possible missed deadlines and ensures that it is processed on time.

An innovative user interface concept ensures that the solution is intuitive and user-friendly even in the case of complex requests. It only takes a few mouse clicks to realize a buyer`s most important workflows. On top of that users can customize their own interfaces to meet their individual needs. This ensures that users always have a detailed view of the information relevant for their specific job. SupplyOn is gradually implementing this new user interface concept in all of its solutions.

The new sourcing solution is available in eight languages: German, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian.