Import Control System (ICS) is binding as of 1 January 2011:

September 21, 2010 · reading time < 2 Min.

SupplyOn provides a web-based solution for the rapid implementation of the electronic customs advance declaration required throughout the EU

From 1 January 2011, all goods entering the EU must be declared in advance to the customs authority using an electronic form. This is planned by the Import Control System (ICS), the base element of an EU customs security program. SupplyOn is currently developing a web-based solution for efficiently creating the required Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), thus ensuring a smooth handling and advance registration. The challenge lies in centralizing data available at various locations. The SupplyOn platform connects all involved partners, from the purchasing company to the supplier and forwarding agent, and supports thereby the consistent centralization of all required information.

"Despite all advance notifications, many companies are not aware of the explosive nature of the new regulation. Ensuring the correct ENS process should be of utmost priority for all manufacturing companies," emphasizes Markus Quicken, Chairman of the Executive Board of SupplyOn AG when talking about the urgency of the issue. "It is clear that if the electronic advance registration isn't completed correctly and submitted in due time, the freight will be immobilized, which can lead to unforeseeable costs in the Supply Chain. The worst case scenario: production will be at a standstill due to missing parts."

With its unique technological basis and know-how, SupplyOn can integrate several partners in a joint process via a central platform. The process does much more than simply creating the ENS: from the requirement message to the creation of supplier and transport data through to the invoice, SupplyOn displays the entire procure-to-pay process, which then generates the ENS message. This can be carried out by EDI - especially with smaller partners - as well as by WebEDI. SupplyOn provides the best possible transparency in the entire order and delivery process and reduces to a minimum the risk of delivery delay due to incorrect ENS.

SupplyOn provides a worldwide network of more than 7,500 companies, around a third of which are based outside the EU. With this global network, one of a kind in the manufacturing industry, the SupplyOn platform offers optimal prerequisites to implement the new security guidelines in a quick and cost-efficient manner.