Liebherr-Aerospace selects AirSupply from SupplyOn for its entire supply chain management

December 10, 2012 · reading time < 2 Min.

Liebherr-Aerospace has chosen AirSupply, the SCM solution for the aerospace industry provided by SupplyOn. AirSupply enables aerospace companies to manage their collaboration processes with suppliers transparently and reliably.

The development of AirSupply goes back to an initiative for standardizing process and data formats within the European aerospace industry with the objective of improving supply reliability along the entire supply chain. To this end, the companies Airbus, Dassault Aviation, EADS, Safran and Thales founded the joint venture BoostAeroSpace. Liebherr is now the first tier-1 company outside this consortium to have selected AirSupply for its entire supply chain management. Liebherr will use the solution not only with its customers such as Airbus and Eurocopter, but will also employ AirSupply in its collaboration with suppliers as a consistent solution for supply chain processes over several levels of the supply chain.

Josef Gropper, COO Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS: "With the introduction of AirSupply, we are assuming a pioneering role among European aerospace suppliers in the field of supply chain management." François Lehmann, Managing Director of Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS adds: "We were just in the process of finding a suitable solution for standardizing collaboration processes with our suppliers. The initiative from BoostAeroSpace came just at the right time. With AirSupply, we have found the right answer to our requirements."

The AirSupply software solution optimally supports the typical SCM processes between customers and suppliers in the aerospace industry. Individually configurable notification and filter functions make efficient, exception-based working possible. The solution supports forward looking capacity planning, interactive fine-tuning of delivery volumes and schedules, the tracking of order and delivery status and the requirements-orientated logistics concept Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Some 45 percent of the suppliers of Liebherr-Aerospace are set to use AirSupply, also with other companies in the European aerospace industry. For this reason, Liebherr is expecting a rapid rollout. The company intends to start linking up its approximately 350 suppliers in 2013.