Product Carbon Footprint solution to reduce Scope 3 emissions now live SupplyOn presents new solution for easy determination of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of purchased parts

March 13, 2023 · reading time < 2 Min.

SupplyOn's new Product Footprint solution is live. It allows Scope 3 emissions caused by purchased production parts to be exchanged in a structured and efficient manner. This is possible both for parts that are already in production (actual footprint) as well as for parts that are currently still in development (planned footprint). The PCF values are determined broken down to the part level. The data provided by suppliers is the basis for determining the PCF of the customer's own products.

"In the manufacturing industry, around 80% of emissions are caused by the supply chain. In order to produce in a climate-neutral way by 2050, companies need to have a clear picture of where suppliers stand in their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions," says Korbinian Reng, Vice President Portfolio Management + Marketing at SupplyOn AG. "SupplyOn's two functionalities 'Actual footprint' and 'Planned footprint' allow both a snapshot and a look into the future. This is essential to sustainably reduce emissions and achieve ambitious climate targets."

Alongside cost, quality and delivery reliability, a product's carbon footprint is a key decision-making criterion in supplier selection already today - and its importance is growing. In view of the increasing importance of C02 reductions, the planned footprint will play an ever greater role in the purchasing process in the future. The planned footprint describes both the expected PCF value at the start of production as well as the value in the following years of series production. This enables customers and suppliers to discuss, negotiate and implement measures to reduce CO2 emissions as early as the product development phase in order to achieve even ambitious climate targets.

For more information on how to reduce CO2 emissions caused within your supply chain visit our Carbon Footprint website

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