Reduce inventories and lower capital costs:

June 29, 2009 · reading time < 2 Min.

SupplyOn presents new web solution for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) vor

SupplyOn, the world`s leading provider of web services for efficient supply chain management in the manufacturing industry, presents a completely new VMI solution with numerous functionalities, which significantly simplify a material planner`s daily work and provide the highest possible transparency for inventory and demand.

With the VMI process the supplier is given an insight into their customer`s inventories and demands, and assumes the material planning at the customer`s stock. Within defined maximum and minimum limits for the inventory (which can also be defined via the Inventory Days of Supply), suppliers can flexibly plan and adjust their production to their customers` actual requirements and their own capacities. This consequently lowers inventories, optimally utilizes production and the transport network, and frees tied-up capital.

The Alert Monitor, which immediately visualizes critical situations, is a key element of the new VMI solution. Users can define alerts that are relevant for them, and have these displayed on the Alert Monitor or via an automatic e-mail messaging system. The history function, which allows every change to inventories, inventory limits and requirements to be traced for the previous months, is also very helpful. It is especially useful with incorrect deliveries, allowing the causes of such to be clarified quickly and easily.

The new Vendor Managed Inventory solution also makes delivery reliability transparent. If inventories fall below or exceed limits, the system automatically generates assessment data, which is integrated into the supplier assessment according to defined rules.

For SupplyOn speed was also an extremely important aspect of the new VMI solution. Even very comprehensive selections and detailed inventory projections are displayed practically immediately. This means users can work more productively and concentrate on their core activities.

An innovative concept for user guidance, which also ensures easy use with complex processes, complements the new VMI solution. A planner`s most important daily workflows can now be performed with just a few mouse clicks. Furthermore every user can individually configure and adjust their own user interface according to their requirements. They consequently always have an eye on the information that is relevant for their specific work. SupplyOn is now successively implementing this new concept for user interfaces and guidance with all solutions.