SupplyOn optimizes the purchasing of services and indirect materials with new functions

May 14, 2014 · reading time < 2 Min.

SupplyOn, the supply chain collaboration platform for global manufacturing companies, presents an improved purchasing solution which makes it possible to further optimize the procurement of services as well as indirect materials and thus achieve additional savings. SupplyOn's purchase-to-pay solution was expanded for this purpose and now offers numerous innovative new functions. These include the collaborative approval of quantities and materials as well as the entry of services performed which allows the services provided to be documented and billed transparently.

"In recent years, numerous enterprises in the manufacturing industry have focused on optimizing their global procurement of direct materials. These processes were to a large degree standardized, achieving extensive possibilities for reducing costs," said Dr. Stefan Brandner, executive board member of SupplyOn AG. "Within the market, we have once again noticed growing interest in optimizing the purchasing of indirect materials and, in particular, the procurement of services. The new functions are designed to achieve this. The improved solution closes a functional gap in the market and allows the efficient handling of the purchase-to-pay process – both for direct and indirect materials – via one central system. As a result, the purchasing of services in particular can be professionalized on a group-wide basis. This helps our customers to take advantage of the huge potential for savings in the indirect sector too."

The facility to integrate suppliers into the electronic process via e-mail allows even those business partners with whom orders are only placed on a sporadic basis to be incorporated into the process without registering. Consequently, process support involving both strategic and non-strategic suppliers can be provided for direct and indirect materials via one standardized, central system.