SupplyOn presents a completely new solution for a transparent complaints process with suppliers

May 10, 2010 · reading time < 2 Min.

SupplyOn, the globally leading provider of web-based solutions for efficient Supply Chain Management in the manufacturing industry, presents a completely new solution for managing complaints with suppliers. The SupplyOn Problem Solver helps to remove quality defects with purchased parts in accordance with the standardized 8D method. The solution not only ensures that a problem is quickly resolved with immediate measures - it also supports the suppliers with the introduction of sustainable corrective actions and measures for preventive error avoidance.

The most important new complaint management features include a series of innovative problem solution methods, which allow the true causes of a problem to be identified and removed. Included here are the Ishikawa and 5-Why analyses, and the "Drill Deep and Wide" method. These are seamlessly integrated in the Problem Solver into the problem solution's eight steps, so that multiple information recording is avoided. The supplier is also supported during the complaint processing with upload and download options based on the QDX 2.0 (Quality Data Exchange) standard format for integrating data into their internal quality management system.

The new Problem Solver also provides a convenient web frontend for the buyer side. The user has the choice of either sending a complaint to the supplier from the internal quality management system via SupplyOn, or creating it directly on SupplyOn and processing it online.

As with all SupplyOn product developments, the focus with the new Problem Solver development was on a clear and simple user interface which has been completely re-designed for this purpose. SupplyOn therewith ensures that the solutions are used comprehensively, parallel processes are prevented, and the desired savings and process improvements are quickly realized.