SupplyOn presents Supply Chain Monitor

November 7, 2011 · reading time < 2 Min.

A more transparent supply chain for better managing volatility in demand

SupplyOn AG introduces a new monitor to boost transparency in the supply chain and enable companies to respond more proactively and flexibly to volatility in demand. For material planners, this Supply Chain Monitor is invaluable for flagging up bottlenecks early on using system-based notifications and for permitting an exception-based approach. It also means that for the most part, critical shortages and costly extra tours are preventable.

More transparency in the supply chain is becoming increasingly important against the backdrop of growing financial uncertainty, wildly fluctuating raw material prices and the shortage of resources. Resulting fluctuations in demand must therefore be shown transparently along the entire supply chain. Companies can no longer afford to simply assume that ordered goods will be delivered on time and in the right quantity; they need to know the supplier's processing status in the time between requirement notification and receipt of goods.

It is precisely this information that SupplyOn's new Supply Chain Monitor offers. Immediately following requirement notification, the supplier can indicate whether on-time delivery is possible. Should there be any further deviations going forward, the customer's planner will be informed by e-mail. Rather than having to manually compare requirements overviews with supplier delivery schedules, this information will be available in the system and the material planner is informed automatically should a situation become critical.