Action Management

Continuous improvement with transparent action plan tracking

To establish a continuous improvement process with your suppliers, you need an action plan management system across organizational boundaries that allows you to record and monitor all tasks, actions and responsibilities. Excel lists do not provide adequate central control: there is a lack of cross-departmental transparency and therefore no comprehensive overview of the implementation status and history.

With the SupplyOn Action Management solution, you have a central system in which you and your supplier can work together to develop and handle action plans. Through the SupplyOn online platform, your suppliers can access their appropriate action plans and independently document the results of their work. Progress monitoring and automatic e-mail reminders ensure that the topics are handled on time and reduce the manual work needed for follow-up. In the central store of topics, both you and your supplier can add new issues that require an action plan to be established. The processing status is transparent for both sides, which in turn facilitates collaboration with your suppliers and reduces coordination efforts.

How you benefit from Action Plan Management with SupplyOn

  • You can reduce efforts leading up to certifications or audits thanks to the transparent documentation of all completed and planned measures in supplier management.
  • By having all upcoming and implemented measures systematically documented, the supplier development process is more transparent.
  • Straightforward options for analysis and evaluation of completed actions make your supplier’s progress transparent.
  • You also establish a knowledge database for proven quality measures by rating the effectiveness of the action plans.