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Dock/Slot Management

Smart control of time windows and loading docks for more efficient supply management that saves time and costs

Optimize coordination of loading and unloading

An efficient, intelligent control of loading and unloading processes offers high potential for savings. After all, there are enormous costs resulting from manual workflows, lack of transparency, long idle and waiting times, and insufficient loading capacity or poor capacity management.

With SupplyOn’s Dock/Slot Management, loading and unloading can be coordinated in an optimized way. This process is also known as Yard Management. Time slots and loading docks can be booked when the transport order is placed and simply adjusted or changed later, if necessary. Workload, staff and facilities can be planned in advance in terms of expected loading times and required loading equipment. Thanks to real-time insight into the current conditions at the ramps, companies can react quickly to changes and thus avoid capacity bottlenecks, congestion and long lead times.

Your benefits of
Dock/Slot Management


Up to 25% higher loading capacities due to better preparation and more efficient processing of loading and unloading


Up to 40% reduction in waiting times and charges by avoiding congestion and capacity bottlenecks at the ramp and on the yard

Reduced process costs through a centralized, electronic system for managing loading capacities, minimizing manual processes and reducing the workload on dispatchers

Key features at a glance

  • Uncomplicated time slot booking by scheduling or logistics service providers. For this purpose, shipment data can be transferred directly from the TMS
  • Calculation of estimated loading times at the ramp based on the announced freight quantity and the required loading equipment
  • Real-time overview of the current capacity at the loading ramps
  • Prioritization and flexible rescheduling of loading operations
  • Transparency of truck entries and exits as well as their dwell time on the yard
  • Central, simplified connection to 2,500 logistics service providers worldwide

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