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Freight Accounting Portal

Avoid overpayments, settle freight invoices quickly and easily — thanks to automated processing

Automated invoice verification

Up to 10 percent of freight invoices are incorrect. And in most cases, that means too expensive. But checking all freight invoices in detail is extremely time-consuming and complex. This is not only due to the large number of transports, service providers, freight types or modalities. Missing information, different invoice formats, differing details, additional invoice items and, last but not least, language and currency differences further increase the checking effort.

The Freight Accounting Portal from SupplyOn therefore uses all existing transport data from the Transport Management System, from the transport booking to the proof-of-delivery at goods receipt. This enables fast, automated invoice verification and thus processing and payment close to delivery. And all this with full cost transparency at material number and cost center level.

Your benefits of
Freight Accounting Portal


Up to 5% lower freight costs by avoiding overpayments

Reduction of administrative effort, as invoice inconsistencies are automatically detected

Fast, close-to-delivery billing and payment thanks to time-controlled clearing procedure

Key features at a glance

  • Comprehensive process coverage – from freight cost calculation to invoice verification and self-billing options to handling freight claims
  • Detailed, automatic alignment of freight invoice and transport order
  • Allocation of freight costs to material number and cost center
  • Easy document upload
  • Verification and compliance with international tax regulations, currency conversions
  • Scheduled billing procedure
  • Intelligent analytics for cost optimization
  • Coverage of all freight types: CEP | sea and air freight | road and rail
  • Centralized, easy connection to 2,500 logistics service providers worldwide

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