Free yourself from paper invoices

Today, everybody is talking about Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of the supply chain – and yet the majority of invoices are still being sent in paper form or in unstructured formats that cannot easily be computerized. Many providers of Invoicing solutions focus solely on the invoicing process rather than considering the process as a whole, from order to payment. SupplyOn takes an integrated approach and systematically considers the whole invoicing process, beginning with the order. This approach offers numerous advantages over conventional Invoicing solutions and provides the highest cost-reduction potential. 

Conventional Invoicing solutions only address the smallest part of the problem

As trivial as it may sound, one of the biggest problems in the invoicing process is that many suppliers still use paper invoices. These have to be checked manually, and quite often they are found to deviate from the details given in the original order and have to be rejected. It is of no use scanning and digitalizing such invoices. The basic problem will remain: they lack a reference to the original order. This must then be created manually, a process that frequently requires considerable researching on the part of the invoice reviewer, as invoices frequently do not contain the data required to quickly and unambiguously correlate them. In addition, important information from preceding documents, such as the dispatch advice or incoming goods notification is also missing.

SupplyOn Invoicing solves the whole problem

SupplyOn systematically generates the invoice from the order. The order data is updated and enhanced as the whole order process is executed. This means that ultimately, the data on which the invoice is based will be correct. 

This has considerable benefits compared to standard electronic invoices: first of all, it ensures an unambiguous reference between the invoice and the order, which not only ensures the transaction is compliant with tax requirements but also considerably simplifies and expedites invoice reviewing. Secondly, it simplifies the invoicing process for the supplier, because the data in the system is enhanced throughout the order and supply process; this data is then available for the invoice with the respective values. Moreover, SupplyOn checks the invoice data to ensure it complies with legal requirements, thus avoiding unnecessary costs due to formal errors.

Your business benefits from SupplyOn Invoicing

  • Lower process costs: reduction in manual input required for issuing and reviewing invoices of around 60%.
  • Lower purchasing costs: faster invoice reviewing makes payment deadlines easier to meet.

The global supplier network makes SupplyOn Invoicing unique

SupplyOn connects more than 140,000 companies worldwide through a single central platform. With these companies, the procure-to-pay process – including Invoicing – can be realized quickly, allowing you to benefit from savings in process and purchasing costs in next to no time.

Plus: Your suppliers benefit from SupplyOn Invoicing, too

SupplyOn Invoicing

Features that offer additional value

Data Validation

The system checks that the data inputted and transmitted is of the correct form. The input data necessary for each field can be defined and configured for each customer and supplier. The invoice is only sent once all the data has been validated. This excludes the possibility of formal errors occurring in the invoicing process.

Data Enhancement

The invoice is enhanced with additional content such as a barcode or ID that allows the auditor to unambiguously match it with other documents.


SupplyOn offers legally compliant archiving of the original invoice for both the issuer and the addressee. Alternatively, the supplier may download the original invoice from the E-Invoicing application and archive it in his internal system.

National Conformity

SupplyOn already covers the legal requirements of many countries throughout the world in the standard version and thus supports the international exchange of invoices. The application is highly flexible and configurable, so any special tax requirements of countries not included as standard can be implemented quickly.

Golden Tax

The Chinese state requires advance tax notifications for invoices, referred to as ‘Golden tax’. To expedite the process, SupplyOn provides an invoice management system in which the invoice amount is approved in advance by the supplier and customer. This avoids the considerable administrative effort of having to cancel advance notifications retrospectively.

Entering of Services Performed

SupplyOn provides a convenient function for use when invoicing services to facilitate the transparent documentation and invoicing of successively performed service deliveries.

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