Catalog Management

Purchasing made easy with multi-supplier catalogs

With SupplyOn, you can provide the users in your company with a comprehensive multi-supplier catalog with previously negotiated prices. To enable this, your suppliers upload the relevant catalogs. Your buyers always have an overview of all catalogs and can easily and conveniently approve or renegotiate them. This is done in real time: Your suppliers will immediately see which catalogs have been approved and, if necessary, which ones need to be rectified.

Users are provided with an efficient search function, which quickly and conveniently searches all approved supplier catalogs, associated online stores and internal catalogs. The results can be easily sorted and compared. Items that are interesting but not needed at the current time can be added to a personal watch list.

This enables the central management and tracking of any demand for indirect or direct materials, services or configured products.

How you benefit from the SupplyOn catalog solution 

  • Convenient search functions and an intuitive, simple user interface ensure that you have more time for strategic purchasing.

  • With the intuitive real-time catalog creation function, individual catalogs can be created quickly and easily.