Reduce procurement costs with an efficient purchasing organization

Whether you call it sourcing, procurement or simply purchasing, global companies all face similar challenges. While the complexity of procurement processes continues to increase, you need to reduce costs and boost efficiency at the same time.

Thanks to web-based SupplyOn solutions, you can standardize the mapping of all source-to-contract processes and beyond throughout your company – from RfX and auctions to contract generation to the management of subsequent development projects via APQP. Here is how it all blends together:


Central Procurement Hub

As a central procurement system, the SupplyOn platform bundles all purchasing functions within an organization in one place. It can be easily integrated into even very heterogeneous system landscapes and extends the reach of your ERP system to include your suppliers. As a result, you enjoy standardized access to data that were previously stored on various internal and external systems spread across your supply chain network.

Your benefits

By bundling company-wide demands, you can improve your negotiating position and obtain better purchasing prices. Automating and standardizing global procurement processes also reduce your process costs for purchasing while at the same time ensuring compliance requirements are met.

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