Advanced Product Quality Planning

Why Excel is no longer sufficient

The challenge in complex development projects with external partners is to generate a common view of the project’s progression for all participants: Is every project member working on schedule? Is everyone using the current version of the project plan? You can only achieve this when you work together with your development partners in a central system that merges all of the relevant information and documents for your development project.

With SupplyOn, the administrative outlay involved in tracking suppliers during joint development projects is reduced considerably. As a result, we can supervise our suppliers more intensively and benefit from improved error prevention.

Michael Lauterbach, European Supplier Development Manager, Yazaki Europe Ltd.

How we support you with Advanced Product Quality Planning

With our solution for electronic Advanced Product Quality Planning, based on the APQP method, you can structure and schedule your development projects in a short time using company-specific templates. Unlike project management solutions based on Excel, you don’t track the project status individually in your system. Rather, you work in a central project plan that your development partners can access online via the SupplyOn platform. Any modifications to the project plan are documented transparently and comprehensibly for all involved. Any number of attachments for individual project steps can be shared securely and are directly linked with the relevant process. Your development projects are thereby made totally transparent and professional.

How you benefit from Advanced Product Quality Planning with SupplyOn

  • By using company-specific templates, you can establish a company-wide project structure and ensure that work is in compliance with the specified standards.
  • Any delays in the development project are immediately displayed with corresponding traffic light symbols. Automatic deadline monitoring and defined escalation levels help you identify delays before they turn into a problem.
  • Comprehensive reporting also allows management to view the process status at all times.

Multi-project management

Our solution allows a number of different APQP projects on a component level to be combined into one overall project. This enables you to centrally control and monitor individual projects and comprehensively maintain deadlines, documents and fields by means of inheritance. Administrative outlay for your development projects is reduced – and so are your development costs.