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Document Management

Reliable distribution and easy update of documents

Automatically exchange standards, drawings and specifications

If you are still using the standard means of mail, fax or e-mail to exchange documents with your suppliers and partners, the process is fraught with uncertainties:

  • How can you ensure that all relevant suppliers have actually received a certain document?
  • How do you know that the document has reached the person responsible for handling the matter?

Furthermore, you don’t have any standardized confirmation whether changes made to a document have been received by all those involved and properly incorporated. Yet this is the only way to ensure that all those involved are working on the basis of the latest status.

With the SupplyOn solution for document management, you can automate the exchange of factory standards, technical drawings, specifications or coordination memos with your suppliers. If a document is modified, a complicated, manual exchange of documents is not necessary: all of your suppliers affected by this document are automatically informed of the changes via the SupplyOn platform. A special workflow ensures that your suppliers then confirm receipt. A comprehensive rights concept also guarantees the very highest level of confidentiality for your exchange of documents.

Your benefits of Document Management

Your confidential documents are transmitted through a secure channel

You reduce your administrative expense and can make generally valid documents such as factory standards or general terms & conditions available to a large group of recipients

Your suppliers can independently define which account manager is in charge of which business process. This ensures that your documents always arrive at the contact person currently responsible

You thereby ensure that documents are distributed in real-time, especially notification of document changes

Thanks to the stored history, the status of all documents – including the seamlessly documented confirmation of receipt – is totally transparent for you and your suppliers

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