Complying with statutory requirements when using conflict minerals

The Dodd-Frank Act requires all companies supplying products to the USA to disclose the use of certain minerals throughout the entire supply chain – from the country of origin, through smelters and suppliers right down to their own products. In order to comply with these statutory demands, all participants of the segmented supply network must be mapped accordingly. Many companies find this to be an organizational challenge leading to considerable administrative costs. 

Automated survey and evaluation

SupplyOn offers a functionality to help you comply with conflict minerals related statutory requirements. SupplyOn uses a standardized questionnaire to automate not only the survey process but also the evaluation and documentation of the results. Both the content of completed questionnaires and the feedback status of the respondent suppliers can be downloaded in Excel format for further processing. 

One less thing to worry about with our Full Service offer

To speed up the survey process and ensure a high response rate, we also offer support services such as follow-up telephone campaigns. This can increase the response rate – which is usually extremely low for this type of survey – to well over 80%. SupplyOn takes full responsibility for obtaining the necessary supplier information. We also offer plausibility checks and a compilation of the results in a comprehensive report.

Your benefits:

  • With our support you can achieve response rates of over 80% while saving money and time – both for the survey process itself and while accessing the fully documented results.
  • The survey process provides optimum support with configurable alert functions.
  • Customer satisfaction is enhanced due to consistent collection of critical supplier data.

Further information on the Dodd-Frank Act and on conflict minerals can be found at: