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Compliance Management

Ensure compliant processes with your suppliers

Manage legal requirements efficiently

Global production networks are characterized by collaboration with a multitude of different business partners. Companies thus face great challenges to manage the growing number of legally required verifications, e.g. certification of the origin of conflict minerals utilized. In order to fulfill accountability requirements, all partners in the global supply network need to be integrated in one system.

SupplyOn helps you ensure Compliance Management precisely with those processes that require cross-company exchange of information between you and your suppliers. With our solution, you can electronically obtain the necessary verifications from your suppliers via automated requests – either ad hoc or as regular inquiries, depending on your need. The structured process, which you can control through our central system, gives those responsible at the company a consistent overview of which supplier has performed the necessary verifications and which documents are still pending. When necessary, an automatic reminder process repeatedly prompts your suppliers to upload pending verifications to the system.

Your benefits of
Compliance Management

The manual effort required for repeated requests of legally required verifications from your suppliers is eliminated and you thus lower your process costs

You and your suppliers gain complete transparency through end-to-end documentation showing which verification was performed when and by whom

By compiling all of your supplier verifications in one central system, all of your employees worldwide have access to the current status. You eliminate redundant data maintenance at different locations

Your supplier also benefits when you use the industry platform from SupplyOn for your compliance management: they can use the uniform process with multiple customers and update generally valid verifications once in their central profile in order to make them available for all customers

Find out here how SupplyOn supports you to comply with statutory requirements when using conflict minerals:

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