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Advance Shipping Notification

Early information about upcoming deliveries and transports

Know what is delivered where and when

In particular in the case of complex supply chains, it is vital for your requirements planning department to be informed of upcoming goods consignments promptly and extensively. That is because unscheduled goods receipts or deliveries that cannot be handled or can only be processed with considerable effort due to false labels, barcodes or packaging as well as missing certificates or quality documents, cost valuable time and money.

With the electronic Advance Shipping Notification (ASN) in SupplyOn, you know exactly what your supplier will deliver where, when and in what quantity. The advantage of the electronic process is obvious: When your supplier creates an Advanced Shipping Notification, it already contains information from the original order or the delivery instruction. That means your supplier only has to add a few more details relating to the packaging, volume and transportation. Further documents required for customs clearance and transport processing as well as certificates and quality documents can be requested and returned electronically with the delivery notification. Well before the goods are received, your dispatchers therefore receive all the information and documents they need to make the necessary preparations for receiving the goods. 

Your benefits of
Advance Shipping Notification

Prompt notice of imminent deliveries ensures more reliable planning and supply of goods

Documents required for transport and quality assurance can be requested directly from the supplier and are available electronically for automated processing

Your supplier can use downstream processes, such as posting of quantities in transit, goods receipt confirmations and invoicing processes. Optimized processes mean your supplier has complete transparency on its deliveries and can reduce costs long term

Your supplier can create labels and barcodes at the touch of a button and attach them to the consignments. You optimize the goods receipt process because the barcodes can simply be scanned, eliminating the need for manual inputs

The automated process helps avoid mistakes: Your supplier uses consistent data at all times in all its consignments

Deviations and missing information can be identified in advance and responded to in good time

Embedded Analytics give you and your supplier a shared view on ASN status at all times

Based on ASN data, intelligent predictions on potential delays become possible

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