Supply Chain Event Management

Supply security in spite of declining stocks

If a logistics management system is to function correctly, you need more than just the ability to send and display requirement messages. Through SupplyOn, all information exchanged between you, your suppliers and logistics service providers is stored in a centralized system and made accessible to everyone involved as part of an early warning system. In the event of critical deviations between planned and actual data, a message is automatically generated to alert the employee responsible to a possible supply risk. For example, the system automatically sends a reminder to all parties for pending order confirmations or overdue deliveries. Individually configurable reminder functions alert you to possible disruptions in the supply chain early on, allowing you to react in a timely manner. 

Your benefits from supply chain event management

  • You can rely on being informed about important developments and are notified automatically about imminent bottlenecks.
  • With timely notification of deviations in materials planning and the transport process, you gain time to react to impending shortages at an early stage.
  • Supply shortages and costly extra trips are avoided.