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Maria-Pia Drago

Product Owner

As Product Owner for Product Development and Visibility, my primary goal is to build innovative and flexible applications that simplify users' daily work through automated, comprehensible, integrated, AI-powered processes.
One such product is the new Performance Management application, which provides customers and suppliers with a transparent view of supplier evaluations.

Posts by Maria-Pia Drago:

Introducing Performance Management for enhanced collaboration

On a vibrant and enlightening Supplier Community Event, industry professionals gathered to witness the unveiling of the new cutting-edge SupplyOn Performance Management. The event was designed to introduce this innovative solution, offer a sneak preview, and host a panel discussion with esteemed speakers from Bosch, ZF and Klüber Lubrication. This blog delves into the highlights of the event, the features of the new solution and insights from the panel discussionThe Supplier Community Event brought together suppliers, procurement specialists, and supply chain managers from various industries. The event aimed to foster collaboration, share best practices, and introduce the latest advancements in the development of Performance Management. Held at a state-of-the-art venue, the atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation as attendees eagerly awaited the big reveal. Hearing customer voicesThe event opened with a message from Andrei Antipov (Director Purchasing) and Andreas Alber (Senior Manager) from Bosch. They emphasized the importance of digital transformation in collaboration with suppliers and introduced their plans with the new SupplyOn Performance Management. Various functions such as real-time feedback and performance evaluations shall contribute to improving quality and efficiency. With this initiative, Bosch aims to build stronger, transparent and sustainable partnerships with its suppliers.  Unveiling a new eraThe centerpiece of the event was the presentation of the new Performance Management. This innovative tool promises to revolutionize how businesses manage, evaluate, and improve supplier performance. Key features of the solution include: Real-Time Data AnalyticsThe solution leverages advanced data analytics to provide real-time insights into supplier performance. Users can monitor traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) such as quality, delivery, cost and service levels, but also several soft facts, strategic KPIs through an intuitive dashboard. Automated ReportingGone are the days of manual data collection and reporting. The solution automates these processes, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time. Customizable reports can be generated with a few clicks, offering detailed performance summaries and trend analyses. Performance ScorecardsSuppliers receive performance scorecards that highlight their strengths and areas for improvement. These scorecards foster transparency and encourage continuous improvement. Risk MitigationThe solution includes robust risk management features. It assesses potential risks by monitoring suppliers' financial health, compliance with regulations, and adherence to contractual obligations, enabling proactive risk mitigation. Collaboration FeaturesBuilt-in collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication between businesses and their suppliers. Issues can be addressed promptly, and improvement plans can be developed collaboratively, ensuring alignment and mutual benefit.During the event the suppliers had the opportunity to volunteer for involvement in the further development of the solution and provide feedback during testing. In addition, they could also vote in polls on what additional functions they would like to see in the solution. Sneak Preview: Hands-On ExperienceAttendees had the opportunity to have a closer look at the solution through a live demonstration. Guided by myself, Maria-Pia (Product Owner), and the valuable questions from Patricia (Supplier Onboarding specialist) suppliers explored the solution's functionalities and experienced firsthand how it can streamline their supplier management processes. The sneak preview generated enthusiastic feedback, with many attendees expressing excitement about the solution’s potential to enhance their supply chain operations. Panel Discussion: Insights from industry expertsA highlight of Supplier Community Event was certainly our panel discussion featuring industry experts in our area of focus: Monitoring and anaging delivery and quality performance.Bruno Paris (Quality Engineer, Corporate Supplier Quality Management) explained ZF's use of several SupplyOn solutions in the area of supplier quality management such as Project Management, Problem Solver and Performance Monitor for managing APQP projects, complaints, 8D and performance data, highlighting that over 4,500 suppliers use their performance monitor for monthly quality and logistics KPI updates for globally monitoring their quality and logistics performance on a monthly basis.Marcus Hylla explained the usage of the Performance Monitor at Klüber Lubrication from a supplier’s point of view. He described how they work with the solution for exchanging data with their customers and expressed the need for an automated solution to save even more time in the future.Among other topics the discussion covered AI's potential in streamlining processes, offering proactive analysis and providing interactive chatbots. I would like to thank all our speakers for revealing insights from many different perspectives. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the global supply chain, the new Performance Management solution stands out as a powerful tool to drive performance, reduce risks, and foster stronger supplier relationships. In terms of AI SupplyOn sees a high potential in making data analysis faster and decision making easier within Performance Management. The Supplier Community Event not only showcased this innovative solution but also highlighted the collaborative spirit and forward-thinking approach that will shape the future of Performance Management.
Introducing Performance Management for enhanced collaboration