Angela Heckenbücker

Until April 2021, Angela Heckenbücker served as VP HR at SupplyOn.

Anissa Hartmann

Anissa worked as Marketing Manager at the SupplyOn subsidiary Newtron till September 2019.

Anja Weber

Marketing Expert

I’m responsible for online marketing at SupplyOn and I thus care, among other things, for the further development of this blog. As I have more of a broader industry focus, I blog about relevant trends, exciting topics from our target markets and anything which helps to establish true collaboration.

Dr. Annegret Junker

Till October 2017, Dr. Annegret Kampe worked as an Enterprise Architect Cloud at SupplyOn.

Arvid Holzwarth

Sales and Consulting Manager Aerospace

As Manager Consulting, I am committed to provide the very best service possible to our existing aerospace customer base. Our customers should not just get good support with their existing projects. Our goal is to also support them with excellent assistance for the new challenges which they face, in order to get the problems resolved. In addition to using social media with state-of-the-art communications technology, I put emphasis on maintaining personal relationships with my business partners – during trade fairs, meetings with customers and visits to their company locations. In my blog, I focus primarily on aerospace trade fairs and meetings with customers.

Bruno Hartig

Bruno Hartig worked till February 2019 at SupplyOn as Consultant for the Aerospace industry.

Christiaan van der Valk

President, TrustWeaver AB (now Sovos)

Christiaan is a recognized voice on e-business strategy, legal, policy, best practice and commercial issues. Over the past 20 years he has presented at and authored several key papers for high-level international meetings at the OECD, European institutions, the Asia-Europe Meeting, the World Trade Organization and several other UN Agencies. Prior to co-founding TrustWeaver, he served as Deputy Director of Policy and Business Practices at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). He was elected a World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Leader for Tomorrow in 2000 and serves as Vice Chair of the ICC Digital Economy Commission. Christiaan co-founded and after a year as Chair now serves as Board member of Digital Trust and Compliance Europe (DTCE). He is a member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Public Policy Working Group of the European E-Invoicing Service Providers’ Association (EESPA). Dutch and French nationality. Law degree from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Dr. Christian Stöcklmayer

Vice President Product Management & Development Aerospace

Our products help optimize collaboration between our customers and their supply chain. The exchange with our customers continuously yields new and thought-provoking ideas and approaches on how to further develop collaboration to create a win-win situation for both customers and suppliers. My objective is to integrate these ideas into our portfolio for the aerospace industry and to turn these into interesting business cases – this is what I will be writing about in the SupplyOn blog.

Christian Kastl

Manager Industry 4.0

It’s exciting to live in the digital age. We will see a lot of new developments which will drive new business models. I’m interested in the fields of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory und Smart Logistics and in my blogs, I try to bring some light in the big space of new solutions and trends in this fields.

Cornelia Staib

Manager Marketing

As I am responsible for external communication at SupplyOn, I really don’t have a specific thematic focus and therefore blog about a variety of subjects such as: impressions gained at trade shows and conferences, recent studies, exciting use cases, news from our target industries – and any other interesting information I may come across for our SupplyOn blog readers.

Daniel Adelhardt

Vice President Product Management & Development

My vision is to advance supply chain digitization with leading-edge solutions. Together with my division, I am therefore developing innovative, cloud-based applications for transport and supply chain processes. We combine technological trends from the fields of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Integration & API Management to optimize business processes for Industry 4.0, Smart Factory & Logistics.

Derek Baggerly

CEO SupplyOn North America

I have over 20 years of hands-on experience in supply chain operations, in which I have supported over 20,000 e-commerce partners and 200+ major manufacturers.

Florian Rotter

Manager Product Development – Purchasing & Portal

My team and I are responsible for designing and implementing solutions for purchasing, supplier quality management, supplier management and portal on the SupplyOn platform. Our mission is to help our customers significantly reduce their process costs for supplier collaboration with our solutions, in addition to enhancing the quality of their processes. I write writing about our customers’ requirements and the generated benefits, as well as our transformation into agile development processes.

Florian Meyer

User Experience Designer

Every day, tens of thousands of people use our products in their work routine. A good software is therefore also characterized by an easily comprehensible operability and modern user interfaces. As a designer I am responsible for the user-friendly design of our products, especially of new applications.

Florian Boehm

Florian Boehm worked as Presales Manager at SupplyOn till December 2017.

Frank Siebenmorgen

Manager Supply Chain Consulting

My team and I provide end-to-end support to our clients in analyzing and optimizing their supply chains – from their tier-n suppliers via their own company to their customers. I’m passionate about innovative solutions that improve quality and efficiency of supply chain processes and thus reduce costs, inventory and cycle times and increase process quality. In my blog, I focus on current trends and possible solutions in supply chain solutions.

Gerrit Jastorff

Presales Manager

As PreSales Manager, it is my goal to align customer requirements with SupplyOn SCM and SRM Services in order to subsequently develop the best possible concepts with customers so that they can integrate the SupplyOn Portal into their portfolio in a targeted manner. In addition, I support my colleagues from Sales and Marketing with my broad expertise at a wide variety of events and appointments. That's why my blog posts will refer to current trend topics in sales and events.

Ian McGahey

Senior Enterprise Account Executive

Ian worked as Sr. Enterprise Account Executive at SupplyOn till November 2021.

Jens Rese

Head of Product and Project Management EURO-LOG AG

I am in charge of product and project management at EURO-LOG AG since the beginning of 2021. My responsibilities cover the continuous development of our existing product portfolio and the implementation of our logistics IT projects for international customers from the automotive, industrial, retail and logistics industries. In doing so, I always keep an eye on current market developments and provide our customers with advice and support.

Jörg Fürbacher

Since the company was renamed EURO-LOG AG in 2002, Jörg Fürbacher has been a member of the Management Board/CEO and has since been advising international customers from the automotive, retail, logistics and industrial sectors on the digitization of logistics chains and processes such as supply chain and transport management.
Furthermore, Jörg Fürbacher is a member of the board of trustees of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and of the advisory board of the Association for Production Management (GfPM). Here he forms the link between science and industry.

Johannes Schreieder

Recruiting Expert

In my role as Recruiting Expert, my focus is on attracting the best talent for SupplyOn. In my articles, I try to present an authentic picture of SupplyOn as an employer and provide exciting insights into our day-to-day work, job profiles and opportunities for development.

Jonah Wiedner

Apprentice for Management Assistant in IT-Systems

As a trainee in Consulting, I run through a wide variety of departments, from IT to Sales. This enables me to pick up and compare as wide a range of opinions and perspectives as possible within the company.
According to my philosophy "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing", I try to place and realize new and modern approaches in the company from my young and unbiased perspective.

Jorge Alvarado da Piedade

Senior Client Executive

As Senior Client Executive for the Airbus group, my objective is to understand my customer’s requirements and pain points in their supply chain to provide a tailored solution based on SupplyOn's services portfolio and innovation capabilities. I, therefore, concentrate my blog on current trend topics surrounding the supply chain, partner collaboration, and digital transformation.

Karen Loewe

UX Expert

For me as UX expert at SupplyOn, the intensive exchange with our users is extremely important. I’m always keen on seeing how our users actually use our products in their everyday work. My scope of work ranges from user interviews and usability tests to minor optimizations for existing products as well as complete redesigns. True to the motto "don't make me think", I strive to create the easiest and most intuitive usability possible for our users.

Katharina Walinger

Solution Owner Supplier and Quality Management

Since 2012, I have been responsible for our supplier quality solutions at SupplyOn. In the years leading up to my current position, I myself worked in the field of supplier quality. At SupplyOn, this acquired practice has provided me with insights valuable in designing and optimizing our solutions. My focus is on quality (APQP, PPAP, complaints) and supplier management (certification, audit management, supplier evaluation, action tracking).

Kathrin Reimann

Junior Consultant

Being an open-minded and versatile person, I am engaged in the optimization of procurement and delivery processes, including financial metrics. As a consultant, I implement new topics and possibilities on the basis of well-founded analyses.

Korbinian Reng

Vice President Portfolio Strategy and Marketing

In portfolio management, we are looking ahead which solutions tomorrow’s world will require and how our customers will work with them.
New and intelligent technologies, global platforms and complete connectivity across supply chains and down on machine level will fundamentally change how we manage supply chains.
I find it extremely exciting to work on solutions with our customers and innovation partners that will ensure our joint continued success in tomorrow's global competition.

Besides those future oriented topics, we also take a very pragmatic view on how we can better solve today's challenges. Usually, it only takes a few adjustments or a new approach to better master the daily business challenges with existing ideas and tools.

I look forward to exchanging ideas and experiences with you!

Lena Zuber


As a member of the marketing team, in my posts I cover everything that's currently happening at SupplyOn: the latest developments, internal events, charity campaigns and much more.

Manuel Dauma

Recruiting Manager

My task is mainly to attract new employees to SupplyOn, either conventionally or by addressing people directly in social networks. I use our blog to give applicants and other interested parties a realistic picture of SupplyOn and the tasks at hand.

Marina Leiwesmeier

Till the end of October 2017, Marina Leiwesmeier worked at SupplyOn as Solution Owner Purchasing Indirect Materials.

Mario Buentig

Head of Supplier Management

While buying companies usually initiate and rapidly drive digitization in the supply chain, (too) many suppliers maintain a wait-and-see approach. Recognizing this status quo, our supplier management team has launched a supplier community initiative. We want to provide even more information to our suppliers, interact with them, motivate them to exchange ideas with other suppliers and, above all, encourage them to actively "plough new ground". That is the credo of this blog.

Markus Mandt

Manager Innovation Projects

Digitalization offers many opportunities! My goal is to exploit this potential through innovative solutions that can be used by our customers, so that costs can be reduced and flexibility increased. As Manager Innovation Projects, I translate ideas into solutions in close collaboration with product development. In this blog I would like to share our approaches and experiences with our readers.

Martin Zwingmann

Senior Consultant, Transport Management

My focus is on the link between material procurement and transport-related processes and systems. As a team consisting of suppliers, forwarders and customers, it is our purpose to shed a bright light on the world of transportation – for material and transport logistics providers as well as for controlling.

Michael Hübner

Product Owner Visibility & Analytics

As Product Owner Visibility & Analytics I focus primarily on Production-to-Supply topics. Today, it is more important than ever to identify potential capacity bottlenecks in the supplier's production at an early stage and to initiate targeted countermeasures. Through our innovative solutions, we enable transparent and interactive capacity management and thus contribute to more resilient supply chains.

Onur Uzun


I am responsible for the successful introduction of digital SCM processes for our Railway and Manufacturing customers—from electronic ordering to delivery notification and invoicing. As a project manager, I pay particular attention to managing international customer projects efficiently and effectively. My main focus is on intercultural communication and collaboration as well as on establishing a close, trusted relationship with my customers.

Patric Fleck

Patrick Fleck worked as Sales Manager at SupplyOn till April 2020.

Rudolf Dirnberger

Product Manager SCM

There is one thing we can rely on in this world: Change. Particularly the areas of digitalization, mobile devices and communication offer entirely new opportunities and business models within the supply chain. As Product Manager at SupplyOn, it is my job to embrace these new trends and to continually advance our products with these future trends in mind – and, above all, to involve the people who actually work with our systems. In my blog, I’d like to show you how you can take advantage of these opportunities.

Sabine Moudilou

Onboarding Manager

As Manager for Supplier Onboarding in Consulting, I am familiar with all the processes involved from product implementation to connecting suppliers to the SupplyOn platform. Together with my team, I am involved in the various processes necessary to ensure that the customer's digitization strategy can be successfully implemented with the suppliers. In my blog I write about the different steps of a typical onboarding project. For me, it is important to highlight that this is a collaborative process in which the business partners jointly follow the path of digitization.

Saskia Rewitzer

Product Manager SCM Aero

After various projects in EDI consulting, my journey has now led me into the field of product development. I now design parts of our AirSupply solution and support our customers in mapping their processes with us. I enjoy blogging my experience in supplier integration as well as other topics related to our Aerospace SCM platform.

Dr. Stefan Brandner

Member of the Board

For over 20 years I have been engaged in software solutions for the efficient and reliable management of complex corporate networks. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain are constantly opening up new possibilities for digitizing complex processes and ideally even automating them. I am always impressed by the passion with which the entire team absorbs and evaluates innovations, and together we strive to generate a significant added value for our customers.

Dr. Sven-Karsten Treskatis

Sven worked at SupplyOn as Product Manager Invoicing and P2P till September 2019.

Sven Vollmer

Portfolio Manager SRM

purchasing 4.0 are not just buzzwords, but the guide to shaping the future. With my blog I would like to show the opportunities of today and what we are working on to help you be even more successful in the future.

Thomas Richter

Thomas Richter worked as Sales Manager at SupplyOn until November 2019.

Thomas Hübsch

Sales Manager

What are the main characteristics of the automotive industry? In addition to the capacity for innovation and the high market value of the products involved, the processes employed are often used as the benchmark for the manufacturing industry and as a shining example for other industries. I find that fascinating and I see it as my job to promote this kind of process excellence. In my posts, I try to cover the potential behind cross-company collaboration beyond phone calls, faxes, and e-mails. With well over 20 years’ experience in the automotive and IT industries, I’ve got plenty to share with you.

Tim Schumacher

Manager Product Development Visibility & Analytics

Together with my team, I am responsible for designing and implementing innovative and cloud-based solutions. In addition to the detailed calculation and visualization of strategic and operational KPIs, our applications uncover potential impairments in your supply chain at an early stage. This allows you to mitigate capacity bottlenecks, delivery delays and other problems in a timely manner.

For implementation, we use the latest technologies in the areas of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as customized integration solutions for your data interfaces.

Here in the SupplyOn blog, I will keep you up-to-date with latest challenges and solutions in our field.

Werner Busenius

Till December 2016, Werner Busenius was Director Sales & Marketing at SupplyOn.

Werner Jannings

Vice President Sales

As Vice President Sales, it is my objective to grow supply chain digitization in the manufacturing industry. Industry-wide, companies are facing ever growing needs for more efficiency and more flexibility while managing increasing complexity in their global networks at the same time. I therefore concentrate my blog on relevant SCM trends, challenges and innovative solutions.

Wolfgang Schmetterer

Localization Expert

I'm responsible for the right words in the right place in the SupplyOn Services. I also take care of editorial processes and the smooth handling of translations into 15 languages. As a communicative all-rounder, I write about digital services and applications in the areas of quality, purchasing and the SupplyOn portal in this blog.

Ying Xiao 潇滢

Ying Xiao worked as Manager Business Development and Marketing China at SupplyOn till July 2021.

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