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Mirjam Schubert

Manager SCC Shipping

I am responsible for the area SCC Shipping and all related processes towards shipping notification.
This is one of the key functionalities for buying as well as for supplying companies. Therefore, I am focusing on building easy and flexible user flows that simplify their daily work.

Posts by Mirjam Schubert:

Embargoes in the supply chain: increase efficiency, minimize risks

Embargo compliance and increased efficiency in the supply chain: identifying potential risks at an early stage and reacting proactively to minimize the potential impact on business processes - this is how it works!International trade often confronts companies with complex legal frameworks. In particular, the transportation of goods to countries with embargoes requires increased attention. This is because these economic sanctions have the potential to significantly affect trade. A precise understanding of the relevant regulations is necessary when it comes to exports, imports and contracts with the countries concerned. It's essential to maintain an overview of which transport processes are impaired or even impossible.However, how can companies fulfill these requirements and ensure efficient processes at the same time?Within the Supply Chain Collaboration solution, there is a customized way for companies to ensure compliance with embargoes. By integrating specific restrictions and requirements into the transportation and delivery processes, companies can ensure that they operate in accordance with the applicable regulations at all times.Automatic ASN blockingIf a supplier selects an embargo country during transport and delivery notification, either an error message or a warning appears, depending on the configuration.In case of an error message, the supplier is prevented from sending a shipping or dispatch notification if he has selected an affected country.If there is a warning, the supplier is informed that there are restrictions for the selected country of origin.This function can be adapted flexibly to the individual requirements of compliance strategies. Companies have the option of adding further embargo countries and determining the system's response.Would you like to avoid embargo violations in your transportation processes? Get in touch with us!
Embargoes in the supply chain: increase efficiency, minimize risks