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Strategic Supply Chain Optimization

Minimizing the complexity and unpredictability of your supply chain

Your goal is to operate stable and efficient supply and distribution processes with your suppliers, customers and transport providers. We support you in designing these processes, making them transparent, integrated and without any breaks, thus reducing complexity and uncertainty in your supply chain.

Market requirements regarding lead times, costs, inventories and quality in your value chain form the basis for the supply chain strategy. The conflicting goals of supply chain agility and cost efficiency in particular, as well as expected variations in demand and supply shape the type of supply chain(s) required.

We help you design end-to-end supply chains that meet the specific requirements of your industry and your customers, while at the same time providing a positive contribution to your company’s bottom line. We look at the flows of goods and information not only across departments but also across system and company boundaries and supply chain tiers – always with a view to customer benefit.

Our holistic approach to supply chain optimization comprises the areas of strategy, collaboration, process integration and technology.

A typical project scope involves the following steps:

  • Gather and analyze requirements from all supply chain partners: customers, own plants, suppliers, logistics service providers.
  • Segment requirements and derive related supply chain characteristics.
  • Analyze and adjust supply chain strategy and compare with the corporate strategy.
  • Analyze and optimize the network.
  • Define optimal collaboration with suppliers, customers and logistics service providers.
  • Set up efficient and standardized models for supply, distribution and transport.
  • Integrate collaboration processes between supply chain partners at all levels: planning, execution, governance.
  • Define system support required for implementation.
  • Set up an integrated supply chain control tower to support the strategy.

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Thorsten Fülling

Thorsten Fülling

Vice President Consulting