Easy usage of Catena-X via the SupplyOn platform Offer for easy usage of Catena-X for all SupplyOn customers – Sneak Preview Hannover Messe

March 28, 2023 · reading time < 3 Min.

During Hannover Messe 2023, it will be showcased how companies can connect to the Catena-X network in the future, using the SupplyOn network as an example. SupplyOn currently operates an ecosystem with more than 140,000 active business partners in the automotive, rail and aerospace industries. As a member of the Catena-X consortium, SupplyOn plans to make its own network Catena-X compatible and to certify applications and data exchange according to Catena-X standards. This will enable SupplyOn to offer its customers sovereign access to the Catena-X data space on request.

Catena-X is a new, decentralized data space for the automotive industry with shared standards for sovereign data exchange between companies along the entire value chain. Use cases include demand and capacity management, traceability of production parts, and increasing sustainability, for example by reducing CO2 emissions – so typically business processes involving multiple supply stages. Catena-X standards ensure that apps from different vendors are interoperable, so that each business partner can select the app that best suits a particular business process.

SupplyOn supports this approach to enable end-to-end digitization across the manufacturing industry with all business partners. In contrast, proprietary supplier portals offer neither data standards nor technical solutions for efficiently exchanging data electronically throughout multiple levels of supply. In this case, companies have to use different customer applications in parallel for the same business process, which causes enormous effort. The interoperability of different applications for one and the same business process, which can be achieved via Catena-X standardization and certification, offers a way out here. At the same time, Catena-X has created a fair contractual framework that ensures that data is only ever exchanged between direct business partners, i.e. that there is no pass-through along the supply chain.

SupplyOn has been a partner in the Catena-X development project since the start of the initiative and plans to be amongst the first providers to achieve certification of all relevant SupplyOn applications for Catena-X and thus make them interoperable in accordance with Catena-X standards. Specifically, this initially concerns SupplyOn Product Footprint, SupplyOn Demand and Capacity Management and SupplyOn Traceability.

The more than 140,000 companies registered with SupplyOn – the majority of them small and medium-sized enterprises – which already work with many customers via SupplyOn applications, will in future also be able to exchange data in a standardized manner with customers outside the SupplyOn ecosystem. In addition, these companies will be able to use other apps from the Catena-X Marketplace. With Catena-X interoperability, SupplyOn is thus expanding the number of applications for registered companies on the one hand, and the network with which data can be exchanged in a standardized manner on the other.

"We anticipate a significant boost in efficiency from standardized digitization here, particularly in the implementation of current ESG requirements, which must be implemented quickly along the entire supply chain," says Dr. Stefan Brandner, member of the Management Board of SupplyOn AG. 

 Catena-X will be at Hannover Messe from April 17 - 21, 2023 in Hall 8 | booth D24. 

About Catena-X

The Catena-X funding project has brought together 28 companies, including several automotive manufacturers, large and small suppliers, software and platform providers that normally compete with each other, and research institutions. The companies are united by the conviction that successful digitization of the end-to-end supply chain can only be achieved together in an open network with fair rules of the game. SupplyOn is one of these companies actively participating in the initiative. 

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection under the funding code 13IK004Y.

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