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Quick-Scan Projects

Lean analysis of your supply chain

In our Quick-Scan projects, we analyze a defined area of your supply chain within a fixed number of consulting days. Based on the requirements of your internal and external supply chain customers, we identify current weaknesses as well as best practices. We derive improvement potential and recommend a set of measures to boost performance and reduce costs in this area.

Quick-Scan projects can be conducted, for example, in the following areas:

  • Sourcing: Derive improvement levers from an annual spend analysis and identify options for more efficient supply source determination.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration: Identify improvement potential from optimal collaboration with your supply chain partners in procurement, distribution or transport.
  • Process Performance & Efficiency: Identify ways to improve process performance, transparency, standardization and automation of individual logistics processes; identify cost drivers of cost, cycle time, lead times and inventories in selected processes and derive improvement levers.
  • Inventory Management: Identify inventory drivers in your upstream or downstream supply chain, analyze scheduling processes and derive measures for sustainable inventory reduction.
  • Transport Optimization: Identify potential from transport consolidation, automated invoice verification and self-billing procedures.
  • Supply Chain Strategy: Analyze requirements of internal and external customers in your supply chain, implement partner segmentation and develop suitable logistics concepts.

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Thorsten Fülling

Thorsten Fülling

Vice President Consulting