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Operational Excellence

Optimize your supply chain processes

A central task of any supply chain function is to stabilize inbound logistics and production supply as well as to improve the performance of outbound logistics and related customer service levels.

Based on this challenge, we help you create lean, effective and measurable processes, and to simplify and automate them. We thus reduce complexity, variability and uncertainty in your supply chain. This, in turn, is the basis for reducing lead times, process cost and inventory and improving process stability.

Typical Operational Excellence projects incorporate the following aspects and services:

  • Development of supply and replenishment concepts: supplier management, procurement management, transport management.
  • Process analysis and benchmarking against cross-industry best practices.
  • (Re-)design of your material and information flows: simplify, streamline, optimize flow, automate.
  • Development of further levers to reduce costs and improvement of process performance.
  • Design and implementation of an integrated KPI and governance system to measure and improve process performance.
  • Proof-of-concept and piloting of the developed measures.
  • Implementation, standardization and harmonization, optimization of processes on a company-wide basis.
  • Set-up of a continuous improvement program.

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We support you in increasing the value-added contribution of your supply chain to the growth of the company. Contact us, we will be pleased to offer our consulting services!
Thorsten Fülling

Thorsten Fülling

Vice President Consulting