Complaint Management (8D)

Rectify problems quickly and prevent them from ever happening again

The quality of your purchased parts plays a critical role in the quality of your own products. You therefore expect more from complaint management than just quick troubleshooting – the cause of the error needs to be permanently eliminated. In practice however, conventional 8D reports, e.g. on an Excel basis, are often not fully completed. That means: permanent measures to correct defects are not usually implemented and errors continue to occur.

SupplyOn supports you and your suppliers by making complaints based on the 8D method transparent for both sides and uniformly documented. Use SupplyOn to transfer complaints from your own internal QM system to your suppliers, or create complaints directly on the SupplyOn platform. Your suppliers can then process the complaints step-by-step online according to the 8D method. Supporting methods such as 5-Why, Ishikawa and Drill-deep-and-wide help your suppliers get to the real cause of the problems. All relevant parties are kept updated on the processing status – right up until the problem is solved, corrective actions have been successfully implemented and preventative actions have been taken. Throughout the process, a progress monitoring system as well as reminders when deadlines are missed ensure great process reliability and systematic handling.

How you benefit from structured complaint management

  • You can establish a uniform process throughout the company with shorter handling times and a higher completion rate with 8D reports.
  • Quality deficiencies and repeat errors can be permanently eliminated through complete 8D reports and subsequent implementation of corrective actions.
  • You avoid the unnecessary extra costs incurred as a result of tracing defective parts, rectifying problems, product recalls or customer complaints, all of which can lead to lost revenue in extreme cases.