Concession Process

Exchange data quickly, safely and easily

One of the main tasks in quality management is to ensure that purchased parts exhibit the required product properties. But what happens if a supplier has manufactured a high-quality component which does not meet the exact specifications?

For this reason, the aerospace industry has an established concessions process which is initiated by the supplier and controlled by the customer.

Structured approval process for purchased parts

Should the properties deviate from the declared specification, the supplier can use SupplyOn AirSupply to request approval for the component in a structured collaborative process. SupplyOn assists you in processing so-called concessions and relieves you of the administrative work. You are informed electronically of incoming concession forms and pending processing actions. SupplyOn guarantees the secure exchange of specifications, attachments and evaluation reports. This ensures complete transparency of the current processing status at all times.

How you benefit from the concession process via SupplyOn

  • As a result of the system-based approval process for purchased parts which do not meet specifications, aircraft production costs can be effectively reduced.
  • Automatic notifications ensure that concession forms are tracked and processed promptly both internally and by your suppliers.
  • The progress and results of all concessions are completely transparent at all times.

SupplyOn allows you to automatically control the operational concession process for deviation permits. Our solution for sustained Action Management for strategic supplier development helps you carry out long-term corrective actions to improve your supplier quality.