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Capacity Management:
your radar for uncovering supply bottlenecks

Today’s business environment is extremely challenging. Never before did we have to manage so much volatility, uncertainty and multiple crises at the same time.

And what this all boils down to in the end is: supply bottlenecks.

Now, idle production lines is something you’d sure want to avoid by all means. Same with delays.

Because your clients won’t let you get away with it.

But luckily, there is a solution: Capacity Management equips you with the radar to monitor your future supply situation and detect all the dark sports by matching the factual supplier capacity to your demands. Be it for the next few weeks or several years into the future. So you can act now to prevent supply bottlenecks or disruptions earlier than ever before.

Moving from prediction to prescription

Capacity Management

Ramping up or even maintaining your current production rate is a tough job today as capacities are scarce everywhere. SupplyOn Capacity Management extends supply chain visibility to production and delivery capacities of your suppliers. This provides you not just with a 360 degree capacity view of your supply chain. By crossing the chasm between procurement and logistics, it increases supply chain resilience, helps you to optimize S&OP and secure strategic supplies in the long-term.

No more out of supply

How capacity management
builds resilience into supply chains

Capacity management enables you to match your demands with your supplier’s capacities. By considering different time scales, material as well as process granularity levels, you can prevent and resolve looming supply bottlenecks as early as never before.

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