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As Consultant for Usage, it is my task to make the use of SupplyOn applications transparent for everyone and, in a second step, to support and promote our customers in using SupplyOn by making fundamental suggestions for improvement.
In this context, I am also involved in setting up, documenting and communicating the usage reports.
I am convinced that the first step in unlocking hidden potential for improvement is to first obtain a value-free overall view of your data.

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SCM Insights
January 18, 2021

Usage Reports: Facts and figures

Matching themes: Onboarding, Usage Reports, visibility

The usage reports reveal the level of the daily usage of individual solutions
The usage reports reveal the level of the daily usage of individual solutions

Today in private life people track their own sleep-wake cycle, they count the daily steps they take and log how much they drink on average. These days it’s all about data! Preferably accurate to the decimal point.

For us at SupplyOn tangible information is essential as well. Especially when a customer wants to check whether and to what extent its suppliers as well as its business units, plants and regions are using SupplyOn solutions. Only through complete and correct use will the customer and supplier highly benefit from the SupplyOn solutions and become beneficiaries of digitization. For this, usage reports provide the required data. These show customers, whether and how its business partners use the different solutions. Learn more about how you can leverage the tool’s capabilities in this article. Read more

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