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Exclusively for suppliers: roadmap plus tips and tricks on SupplyOn’s Logistics & Finance solutions

In the recent Supplier Community Day, suppliers could benefit once again from many valuable takeaways
In the recent Supplier Community Day, suppliers could benefit once again from many valuable takeaways

As Head of Supplier Management at SupplyOn, it is not only my job but also my personal ambition to give suppliers on our platform a voice. Me and my team want to understand their everyday life and processes in great detail to be able to support them even better. Therefore, we have already driven forward a number of Supplier Community activities this year. Three weeks ago, we welcomed over 300 participants at our second Supplier Community Day. Find out everything about the event here:

It's much easier to brainstorm in a Supplier Community shirt ;)
It’s much easier to brainstorm in a Supplier Community shirt 😉

The planning phase: what do we want to offer our suppliers?

Various departments asked us in advance if they could present their Logistics & Finance projects at the next supplier event. In no time at all, we were able to put together an agenda packed with exciting topics for the suppliers. The fact that some of the content had to be postponed to future events clearly shows that we still have far-reaching plans for the Supplier Community.

Supplier Community Day: the agenda reveals exciting topics

But first things first – how did the last Supplier Community Days in October actually proceed? On October 27, 2021, the time had finally come and we were able to welcome over 300 suppliers who collaborate with their customers via SupplyOn.

This time we were able to win Thorsten, our Vice President for Consulting and Business Development, as our key note speaker. The focus of his presentation was on the importance of “learning from each other” (referring to the auditorium and the SupplyOn team).

Some SupplyOn Lifehacks to go, please
Some SupplyOn Lifehacks to go, please

Afterwards, our senior consultant and trainer, Regina, started with the first topic: tips and tricks around the Logistics & Finance solutions.

Attending the Supplier Community Days is really worthwhile as suppliers can get exclusive insights into the roadmap of SupplyOn solutions. Christian, our Industry 4.0 Manager, Ferdinand, Product Manager for Invoicing and Rudolf, Product Strategy in SCM presented exciting topics that they will address in the near future.

Of course, we didn’t miss the chance to ask the audience for their opinion on the presented projects – after all, there is no more valuable input than the one from our specific target group.

As announced in the key note, we aimed to provide suppliers with valuable content on the one hand; on the other hand, we ensured interactivity in order to collect supplier feedback. After all, our offer to participate in a pilot project found a high response among the audience.

Join our Supplier Community!
Join our Supplier Community!

Finally, we gave the suppliers an update on what is going on in the Supplier Community initiative and ended the session with the offer to become a member of the Supplier Community and to get actively involved in SupplyOn.

What’s up next?

As I mentioned at the beginning, our goal is to give suppliers a voice. At the Supplier Community Day, the suppliers have spoken. Now it’s our job to listen. This means clustering and evaluating supplier feedback, as well as identifying the next steps to take.

And just like last time, the motto of the Supplier Community team is still the same: after the Supplier Community Day is before the Supplier Community Day. Parallel to the post-event activities, we are already busy planning the next supplier event. The upcoming Supplier Community Day will take place in February and will focus on the topic of administration. So stay tuned for more information!

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