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Girls’ Day 2023: … and action!

Image of an interview setting in front of a camera on Girls' Day, showing two girls interviewing one female employee: Working in IT is fascinating and versatile — and there are numerous ways to start a career
Working in IT is fascinating and versatile — and there are numerous ways to start a career

On April 27 it was time again: On Germany’s Girls’ Day, five girls once again had the opportunity to get a taste of everyday working life at SupplyOn. With the motto “Empowered. Connected. Visible – Take your future into your own hands”, we not only wanted to show them how exciting and varied the IT industry is – they were also able to put their talents to the test. But let me start from the beginning.

The supply chain in a nutshell

We started with a welcome and a short workshop on the supply chain. Product Manager Carina and Product Owner Pia used a short explanatory video and eye-catching icons to explain how a supply chain works, why it is important and what exactly SupplyOn does. The girls then had the chance to get hands-on and build the supply chain for a car.

“Roll camera!” with the Onboarding team

In the second workshop, our Onboarding team introduced the girls to the SupplyOn Studio and their work. Our consultants Susann and Charlotte first explained why we built a professional film studio at SupplyOn and how we use the content produced there. Charlotte then gave an insight into presentation techniques. Here, the focus was particularly on how to appear on camera and which aspects to consider when posturing, speaking and choosing words.

Equipped with a lot of useful tips, the girls were then able to put their skills to the test both in front of and behind the camera. Three SupplyOn colleagues from different departments were on hand for the interviews. Two of the girls formed a moderator duo to learn more about their careers and everyday life at SupplyOn. Meanwhile, the other three worked behind the camera with Jonah, Susann and Charlotte. During this practical part, we were absolutely thrilled by the professionalism and self-confidence of all the girls in front of the camera. After one take everything was in the can. A big thank you also goes to our interview partners Patricia, Almudena and Pia, who gave the girls a candid insight.

While Charlotte and Jonah edited the videos, Susann showed everyone how to create a supplier information portal in our content management system. The highlight for the girls: They will have their own Girls’ Day portal with all the videos, lots of photos and useful presentation tips. A nice souvenir of a rich and exciting day at SupplyOn.

Careers in the IT industry: as varied as life itself

After an eventful morning and some refreshments, the program continued. The next part was a presentation of different career paths. We had prepared the individual stages of four colleagues on a large whiteboard with pictures and slips of paper. Now the question was: Which step belongs to whom? Which job titles do I understand? What order could the career steps have?

After a short period of reflection, Regina (Training), Maria (EDI team), Daniela (Consulting) and Katharina (Finance) solved the puzzle. Now the differences and diversity were easy to see. We have colleagues who are university graduates, others are high school graduates or have graduated from schools in other countries. From previous work experience as a security guard to an electrician to a receptionist, it was all there. And yet they all have one thing in common: SupplyOn.

This is what we want to pass on to the next generation: A career path doesn’t always have to be straightforward. Nothing is set in stone forever. And above all: Have fun doing what you do! 

After the wonderful presentation, it was time for a well-deserved lunch break. And after this refreshment, the day was almost over: At the end of the day, we reviewed the individual stations with the girls — and as a highlight, they were able to watch their own interview!

Text written with great support from Julia Hughes and Katharina Winsczyk

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