May 4, 2021

May the (e-)Force be with you: The new Business Bike benefit at SupplyOn

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The most recent employee benefit "business bike" electrifies SupplyOn employees
The most recent employee benefit “business bike” electrifies SupplyOn employees

STePS eBULLITT EP8 XT Di2 – that’s the official name of Dominik’s new pride and joy. Or to put it more simply, the best-selling cargo bike on the market with versatile uses such as transporting people, groceries or other loads. Dominik, a passionate cyclist, recently picked up his new business bike at the dealer in Nuremberg. This is one of the new benefits that SupplyOn employees can choose from as part of our so-called cafeteria model.

On the road with the new e-bike
On the road with the new e-bike

In this model, everyone pick one of several modules, depending on her or his individual preference and situation. Possible options include childcare subsidies or a further top-up to the employer-funded pension plan. With the onset of the Corona pandemic, our employee have started to work primarily from home, making some modules, such as travel allowance, obsolete.

New to the benefits program: Business Bike and Urban Sports Club

That’s why our Human Resources department did some research and added two new options to the model. Firstly, the “Business Bike” already mentioned. Here, we grant a subsidy for the monthly leasing rate for a bicycle/e-bike. The other is the “Urban Sports Club,” which works like a fitness flat rate and is not tied to a single sport, city or studio. SupplyOn pays the Urban Sports Club rate fees for its employees.

But back to Dominik and his cargo bike. Why did you actually choose a cargo bike, Dominik?

Dominik Halamoda, Product Owner at SupplyOn and enthusiastic cyclist
Dominik Halamoda, Product Owner at SupplyOn and passionate cyclist

Since I live right in the city of Erding, I hardly ever need my car, even more so since the Corona pandemic. Thanks to the bike’s enormous loading area, I can comfortably transport my regular groceries and even several crates of drinks.
I use my new cargo bike almost daily. Every time I ride it, I have a grin on my face when the e-assist of the boost mode kicks in and I leave the other car and bike drivers behind me at the traffic lights, completely astonished.

May the e-Force be with you, always a safe journey and above all lots of fun with your E-Bullitt!
May the e-Force be with you, always a safe journey and above all lots of fun with your E-Bullitt, Dominik!

Manuel Dauma

Recruiting Manager

My task is mainly to attract new employees to SupplyOn, either conventionally or by addressing people directly in social networks. I use our blog to give applicants and other interested parties a realistic picture of SupplyOn and the tasks at hand.

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