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SupplyOn ranks among the "TOP 10 EDI Solution Providers 2015"

At the end of 2015, SupplyOn was named one of the 10 most promising providers of EDI solutions by the highly respected trade journal Logistics Tech Outlook.

A panel of well-known CEOs, CIOs, risk capital providers, analysts and the magazine’s technology editorial board evaluated EDI solutions in terms of flexibility and cost effectiveness.

EDI (electronic data interchange) is an internationally standardized process that significantly lowers media disruptions in the logistics industry. Frequently, the online version Web EDI is used. This option makes it easier for small and midsized enterprises to take advantage of EDI’s benefits.

Read the article „Shaping the Future of Supply Chain Industry” by Werner Busenius, Director Sales at SupplyOn.

Optimizing logistics and finance processes with SupplyOn WebEDI

Increasing time and cost pressure call for faster, more efficient communication processes between business partners. These processes cannot be adequately managed by fax, Excel and e-mail. Data exchanges via EDI significantly lower reaction times to customer queries and orders.

WebEDI lets you optimize your logistics and financial processes by giving you a transparent and secure exchange of information with your customers – from delivery instructions through to payment – via SupplyOn’s online platform.

Electronic data exchange also lets you make the real-time data of your entire supply available at any time. This boosts planning and scheduling certainty. In particular, EDI is critically important to logistics companies whose business processes are largely repetitive because automation of entire business processes plays a key role in cost cutting. For instance, orders could be automatically sent to suppliers’ production systems when a retailer’s inventories fall below minimal levels. The information is subsequently passed from here to the logistics provider who then organizes the delivery. This saves significant amounts of time and money because a great deal of telephone calls, faxes and e-mails are eliminated.

The benefits of EDI at a glance

  • Communication processes are accelerated, a change that lowers administrative costs.
  • No more error-prone, manual data entry is needed.
  • Data exchange is done without media disruptions, making it more secure and reliable.

Logistics Tech Outlook is a widely known logistics magazine based in Fremont, California.

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