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Attractive side-effect of using SupplyOn: Optimized internal cooperation

SupplyOn aims to optimize the various processes with suppliers in the supply chain – in other words, cross-company collaboration. But following its successful introduction, more and more companies discover that SupplyOn also has a very positive effect on processes between internal departments – thus improving not only cross-company but also internal collaboration. Hence a more than desirable side-effect.

One example of this is the introduction of an integrated Purchase-to-Pay process (P2P) via SupplyOn. The Purchasing and Finances departments are involved in this project from the very start. The goal is to realize a seamless process from ordering right through to payment.

The online collaboration platform SupplyOn primarily serves as the central tool for suppliers, via which all data relevant for the P2P process is exchanged, but ultimately, it also brings Purchasing and Finance closer together and optimizes their interaction. The billing process is then no longer separated from the ordering process, but is integrated and thus represents the completion of a seamless process that begins with the order.

Even if the introduction of this type of process, which involves several departments, is initially more complicated because several parties have to be brought together, the benefits for the overall organisation following the successful completion of the project are huge. SupplyOn brings together what belongs together. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

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