Transport Management

Substantially reducing costs with the help of integrated transport management

Transport management has enormous money-saving potential. But this potential can be tapped only if material demand processes are intelligently linked to transport processes. This link can be established if all parties involved – the buying company, the supplier and the carrier – use a central system to work together.

This is exactly what SupplyOn’s transport management solution does. It offers you a centralized system that pools information from all parties involved in the process. SupplyOn’s integrated solution covers the entire process: from demand notification to the shipment and transport consolidation and even the freight invoices. And the whole operation is integrated into your transport planning.

All of your suppliers and carriers are connected to the solution. This means that all transport-relevant data and processes are managed on a central platform. Even highly complex logistics networks can be designed to ensure cost optimization and transparency.

In the process, you will profit from the existing network of approx. 2,500 carriers and logistics service providers who are already connected and use this solution.