Transport Consolidation

Dynamic transport planning optimally consolidates your shipments

Dynamic transport planning optimally consolidates upcoming loads and shipments on the basis of current demands and orders. But this type of transport consolidation can be carried out only by using an integrated transport management system that provides total transparency for all scheduled deliveries.

This is precisely what SupplyOn offers: The system generates joint forwarder pickup advice for delivery instructions that can be consolidated on the basis of delivery time, pickup site and delivery address. The basis for this consolidation is formed by the master data stored in the system, including defined routes and contractually set rates. In a second step, an optimization algorithm ensures that optimal loads can be created from the individual shipments. At the end, the system identifies the shipping company with the best rates while considering contract terms stored in the system as well as service level agreements (SLA).

How you benefit from transport consolidation using SupplyOn:

  • The system automatically determines the lowest-price transport – nonetheless, you always have the option of manually altering the transport job.
  • You drive down your transport costs by intelligently consolidating your shipments.
  • Your manual work in dispatch is cut to a minimum.