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New functions in Program Increment (PI) 2024-01 developed

Results from the last PI
New functions in the fields of Visibility & Analytics, Source-to-Contract and Supplier Quality Management

May we introduce you to our new functions? These show not only our commitment to continuous innovation, but also concrete progress in various areas of our product portfolio:


Visibility & Analytics

To enhance customer interaction in our Corporate Carbon Footprint survey tool, we have integrated a chatbot. This chatbot can respond precisely to user inquiries and assist with survey completion in various languages. Further to this first concrete use case, the chatbot acts as a pilot project for the integration of generative AI into our product portfolio.



New features in Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) within SupplyOn Sourcing enable even more flexible and efficient workflows. Users can now easily toggle specific sections on or off to access only relevant information. Additionally, they can specify cost components required for each part number, streamlining supplier responses and saving time.


Supplier Quality Management

The solution Technical Review has enhanced valuable functions to increase efficiency and flexibility.
One of these functions is the “bundling” function, now accessible via a customer system. This allows customers and suppliers to deal with similar materials with one Technical Review object, thus avoiding many duplicate entries.
Moreover, two new columns will soon be integrated into the inbox table, displaying details such as the last modification and the person responsible for it.
Another improvement involves the creation of new objects by customer users. It becomes easier to add necessary content immediately before activation, as the object is saved in “Create” status and only requires defined fields to be filled prior to activation.


We look forward to introducing you to more exciting developments in the coming months. Stay tuned to see what innovations you can discover next time.

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