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Technical Review

Feasibility studies made easy and efficient

Straightforward evaluation of your suppliers’ capabilities

No more Excel lists and time-consuming e-mail ping-pong: In order to check the technical and logistical feasibility of the required components with your suppliers, you no longer have to manually send inquiries to your suppliers and then evaluate their responses by hand. SupplyOn Technical Review takes care of all this with a seamless, electronic and transparent process.

Simply enter your questions to your suppliers regarding feasibility, desired quality and quantity, deadlines and delivery conditions into SupplyOn. The selection of suppliers for the feasibility study is equally straightforward: All information from contact person to part number can be imported directly from your sourcing invitation to tender. The system-supported process ensures that you and your suppliers always work with the most up-to-date data and have a common knowledge base.

Saves time and streamlines workflows

“Normally very extensive feasibility studies are greatly simplified by SupplyOn Technical Review, because many questions have already been clarified in the process beforehand. SupplyOn Technical Review thus saves us an enormous amount of time and streamlines operations.”

Martin Lerner, Project Leader Supplier Management, ZF Friedrichshafen

See at a glance whether the supplier can actually develop, produce and deliver the material

After you have evaluated the individual responses from your suppliers, Technical Review summarizes all data for you in a clear and concise manner. This allows you to see at a glance which supplier can fully develop, manufacture and supply the desired part. What’s more, you also see which supplier best meets your requirements.

Fully integrated into your sourcing process

With Technical Review, your feasibility study is fully integrated into your sourcing process. You can utilize all the information already stored in SupplyOn, from supplier pre-selection and feasibility assessment to awarding the contract to the best supplier.

Moreover, when subsequently starting the APQP process with the supplier as part of your quality planning, all information, measures and documents are there at your fingertips. Technical Review thus supports you in completing the APQP project quickly and successfully. As a result, you can sustainably increase your efficiency, competitiveness and productivity.

At a glance: Technical Review in your sourcing process

Your benefits of
Technical Review

You create feasibility studies with your suppliers easily and efficiently

The current project status is always available online and stored in a legally compliant manner

Technical Review is integrated with other SupplyOn solutions or your internal systems for maximum process efficiency

You utilize documents and statuses of all (other) process steps

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